We live in an age of science and materialism. Scientists think that all that came into being by itself. They have presented different theories regarding the “Darwinian theory of evolution is a prime example of that”. They perceive no place for God when they study the discoveries of science. The Quran presented a different viewpoint. It informs us that the Author of the Quran is the creator of the universe. The same God who discloses Himself through His Work also reveals Himself through His Word. The Holy Quran vividly described different phenomena and amazingly all of them are proved correct by inspection of modern scientific knowledge. There are numerous revelations about the creation of the universe and different heavenly objects like the sun and planets. We will discuss some of them here in this article.

The Mysterious Universe

The mystery of the universe and its volume is one of the hottest topics of the world, as we can see far-off places with the help of modern-day equipment. The quest to find the truth and curiosity enhanced, as once the understanding was that the Milky Way our galaxy was the whole universe. According to today’s knowledge, our universe comprises billions of galaxies and much more. There are many theories about matter and antimatter. There is also recognition of dark energy presence all around the universe.

The Theory of Big Bang

The big question is how this great universe started. The theory of the Big Bang is almost accepted by Cosmologists. According to Big Bang Theory time and space started after a huge explosion.
There are three stages of Big Bang:

Stage 1

The big question is how this great universe started. The theory of the Big Bang is almost accepted by Cosmologists. According to Big Bang Theory time and space started after a huge explosion.
There are three stages of Big Bang:

Stage 2

Gravity gradually combined matter to form the first star and galaxies. Galaxies are created into groups, then the groups are collected together to form a cluster of Galaxies. Then the cluster formed the supercluster of Galaxies. Then the creation of neutron stars and supernovae happened in those neutron stars.

Stage 3

From the supernova explosion, chemical remnants seeded to form a new breed of stars. From these stars’ formation of rocky planets happened and on such planets’ life evolved. This well-accepted theory and now I wonder “Where did I come from”. The whole theory is well depicted in the illustration below.

The Creation of the Universe and Holy Quran

The Big Bang Theory is now a fact, but the question is that how a man 1400 years does not even know how to read and write correctly described in a book. The book is known to be the Holy Quran. In Surah, Anita described that “Heavens and Earth were joined together as one united piece, and then we separated them”.
It’s a complete description of the Big Bang and the whole process which was explained above. Is it wonderful then how we describe the man Muhammad (SAW)?

Big Bang Stages Described in Holy Quran

There are three stages of the Big Bang described in the Holy Quran:

  • The Huge Explosion Stage
  • The Process of Development and Refinement
  • The Formation of Stars and Planets

The Huge Explosion Stage

At this stage, there was a description of one mass and then separated from each other by a huge explosion called Big Bang. Holy Quran also described this explosion by the word “KUN”
means “ordered to do”.

The Process of Development and Refinement

At this stage, the matter was created and galaxies are formed. Then these galaxies are separated from each other, and the process of development of matter and refinement happened.

The Formation of Stars and Planets

After this stage, the formation of stars like the sun and rocky planets like the earth was created. From where the whole process of life started.

The whole process of the start of the universe and how the whole process can be described by a man living in the desert 1400 hundred years ago knows all about that until and unless he is the messenger of Al-Mighty Allah and the whole scripture was revealed by Al-Mighty Allah upon him.
Please watch this youtube video.

The Movement of the Sun along with its Planets

We remember from our childhood that the sun is a stationary object and planets are revolving around it. Even scientists around fifty to sixty years ago believed that but Holy Quran said: The Moon and Sun are swimming in their orbits, is it quite amazing that the sun is moving around the galactic center of the galaxies with an enormous speed. There are two types of movement of the sun around its axis that is 7000 km/hr and takes 24 days to complete this rotation.

Now discuss the other movement of the sun around the galactic center along with the whole family of its solar system. The main question is how fast we are moving along the sun. It travels at 220 Km/sec and takes 226 million/years to complete one orbit around the center of our galaxy Milky Way. Since the birth of its birth, the sun has completed eighteen circles around the galaxy. Now if our conversation lasts for 2 minutes would you believe that we have traveled a distance of 120,000 km along with the Sun. This motion of the Sun is around the Galactic Center of our Galaxies. Would you still believe that the Sun is a stationary object?

“And it is He who created the night and the day and the Sun and the moon; all in an orbit are swimming”. Surah Anbiya 21:33
“It is not allowable for the Sun to reach the moon, nor does the night overtake the day, but each, in an orbit, is swimming”. Surah Yaseen 36:40

The Description of Neutron Star and Black Hole

The description of a neutron star known as “Pulsar Star”. The meaning of pulsar means a star that makes a sound like knocking on the door. The same word is described in Quran as Surah Tariq, the meaning of Tariq means someone knocking on the door. The question is why we are not hearing the sound because our ears can hear a sound between 20 Hz To 20000 Hz.

The sound below 20 Hz is known as infrasound and sound over 20000 Hz is known as ultrasound. We can’t hear infrasound and ultrasound. But by today’s modern technology scientists can detect ultrasound. The astonishing factor is that Allah describes this star that makes a whole by saying “Saqib”. The word Saqib means that making a hole. This means that a star makes holes. This is the same process by which neutron stars develop Black holes as they are the origin of Black Holes.

The Mystery of Iron and Holy Quran

In Surah Hadid, Almighty Allah said that we sent down iron. In actuality, we dig out iron from the earth. The truth is so astonishing and wonderful that iron minerals can be made at a temperature of a few millions degrees of Celsius. Our sun surface temperature is 6000-degree Celsius and 50000-degree Celsius. The iron mineral can be produced in huge stars and they turn to be “Supernova”. The temperature in “Supernova” is around millions of degrees Celsius. So the iron is produced in that Supernova and sent down on the Earth.

The other part is that Allah said Iron has many beneficial benefits for humankind. Without iron, there would be no protective magnetic field, no Ozone layer, no Hemoglobin. This means without no life can exist on the surface of the earth. The numerical value of the word “Hadid” is 26 which is the atomic number of Iron. Surah Al-Hadid is 57 in the middle of the Quran as the Quran has 114 chapters. The core of the earth is also made of iron; this is not a coincidence.

Well Guarded Canopy

In Surah Al-Anbiya ayat no 32. Allah Almighty said we have made “A guarded Canopy”. Without this well-guarded canopy, there would be no life on earth. There are some functions of this canopy.

Protects us from Meteors and Meteorites

Our atmosphere protects us from these meteorites as a steel barrier. If we don’t have this barrier then the earth would be hit by these objects. Millions of Meteors and Meteorites fall on the earth daily but these objects hit the molecules of the atmosphere very fast. They acquire high temperatures and evaporate and dissolve as dust before hitting the surface of the earth. When astronauts went to the moon the satellite of the earth the meteorites came as showers and hit the moon and the bigger one made the holes on the surface of the moon as the moon possesses no atmosphere.

Protects us from Harmful Rays of the Sun

The Ozone layer protects us from the harmful rays of the sun. If the Ozone layer is not present the harmful rays of the sun would not be filtered and no life would be present on earth. If ultraviolet rays reach us we no longer can live. This property of atmosphere is indicated as the well-guarded canopy and it is a sign of the existence of Allah.

Protect from Freezing Cold of Space

The average temperature of space is -270 degrees Celsius. Then how we are protected from this freezing temperature. The earth’s atmosphere prevents the energy that comes from the sun from returning to space not very fast. This maintains the temperature of the earth in a reasonable range. The atmosphere also distributes the heat on the earth in a balanced way. So it carries the heat to the area from one area to another and maintains a livable heat by blowing air within it.

Van Allen Belt

The Van Allen Belt is a protected shield originating from the magnetic field of the earth. This Van Allen Belt guards us against the radiation of the sun but also the cosmic waves coming from other stars. If no cosmic waves are coming from the sun.

These plasma clouds are more powerful one hundred billion times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The radiations containing protons and electrons come from the sun with a speed of 1.5 billion Km/Sec. This enormous amount of energy can’t pass the Van Allen Belt which is around forty thousand miles away from our earth’s surface. This magnetic field is one of the characteristics of a well-guarded canopy.
These layers are not protecting us from all these dangers. It is one who created all the phenomena and makes it possible that humans can live on this planet.

The Function f Mountains by Holy Quran

The geological characteristics of the mountain are revealed by the Quran that we made them like pegs so the earth can’t shake. This phenomenon can be described as mountains’ roots that can be extended ten to fifteen times their size. For example the

The size of Mount Everest is Nine Km high on the surface but its roots are one hundred and twenty-five Km beneath the surface. These characteristics are described by pegs in the Quran. These pegs stabilize the earth and the stabilization of the earth occurs due to the peg-like properties of the mountains. This characteristic of mountains is discovered by geologists in today’s world of science. This property of the mountain is described much in the Quran.

The Human Embryology and Quran

The complete description of the development of human babies and embryology. The description starts with that we then him placed as sperm-drop in a place of settlement firmly fixed. Then we made the drop in “ALAQAH” or a clinging clot, then we made it into “Embryonic Lump”. Then we embedded bones into this “Lump” and then we enclosed these bones with flesh. Then developed it into another creation. This is a complete description of human development in a mother’s womb. The Leech has an amazing resemblance with the initial stages of the human embryo.

The Seas are not Mixing and Quran

In Surah Rehman, Almighty Allah said, “He causes two bodies of water to flow and meat together, but between them is a barrier that can’t surmount”. This curtain or barrier is found at the strait of Gibraltar between the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The densities of waters of different seas are different from each other; they also have different salinity levels. They even have different forms of life and species of marine creatures. These two oceans have different flora and fauna. The same barrier is found between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden by German scientists. The characteristics are found in all the merging points of different oceans and seas. If there is no barrier between the seas water and rivers all the rivers become salty and species living in the rivers ultimately die. This curtain between the oceans is a process and this process is known as “Haloclines”. The Haloclines is a process of why the water of different oceans doesn’t mix.

The Creation in Pairs of Matter

The Almighty Allah said in Surah Yaseen that “He created things that earth produces in pairs as well as the things they don’t know”. People at that time did not know that even plants have pairs described that we have created things in pairs. Now by the discovery of today, we know that:

  • Human and animals have pairs
  • Plants have pairs
  • Matter also have pairs

Pairs are created from things that we do not know. The expression explaining the electron negatively charged particle has a paired particle proton which is a positively charged particle. There are two types of matter which are matter and antimatter. The Electron is coupled with a positron, the proton is coupled with an antiproton and the neutron is coupled with an anti-neutron. Paul Dirac discovered the Phenomenon of “Partite” that matter has antimatter and he was awarded a Nobel prize.

The Expanding Universe and Quran

In Holy Quran Almighty |Allah said that we have created the universe and we are expanding the universe”. This phenomenon is recently discovered that the universe is moving continuously and it is expanding. The stars and galaxies are moving away from each other. How this fact is described in Quran as at the time of Muhammad(SAW), the concept was that earth is the flat body and the whole universe is revolving around it. This observation is a result of modern technological advances. These facts described in the Quran are amazing and fruitful for people who believe in Almighty Allah.

The Light of Sun and Moon

The almighty Quran specifically describes the sun as an object having its light saying it as a lamp and the moon is reflected light. This is a fact that is revealed today but the holy Quran described so precisely that the Moon has not its light. How a man can precisely describe that phenomenon travel fourteen hundred years ago in that age of ignorance.

The Speed of Light and The Holy Quran

Quran Says the angels travel a distance that the moon travels in one thousand years. The known speed of light is equal to the one thousand lunar years. At that, time people counted the years according to the lunar years, not solar years. The specific speed of light is described as equal to one thousand years lunar years. Now we are talking about Moon not Sun as at that time people were counting a Lunar year, not a Solar year. Now almighty Allah said that angels travel in one day equal to the moon traveled in thousand years is a complete description of Speed of light.

The Unique Identity of Fingerprint and Quran

Every human, even identical twins have different fingerprints. The uniqueness of fingerprint is identified by Holy Quran fourteen hundred years ago. This is the uniqueness of fingerprint that is taken for every transaction in today’s world when we go to make our ID card fingerprint is taken to separate an individual from another. How this characteristic of fingerprint is known to a Man that longs ago but almighty knows everything. This is a divine message sent from Almighty Allah to his messenger Muhammad(SAW). The identity of every individual is identified by the fingerprint. The Almighty Allah says that “Yes, we can put together in perfect order the very tips of his fingers”

The Female Honey Bee

In Surah Al-Nahl Allah Almighty ordering to the bees and collects nectar of flowers and fruits but the verbs used for bees is feminist. This means that honey is collected by female bees this information is confirmed by today’s knowledge and research. The sex of Honey Bee is described perfectly by Holy Quran.

The Water Cycle and Quran

Water is the essence of life without water there would be no life on earth. The freshwater cycle is responsible for the water supply. The process starts with the evaporation of seawater then it condenses to make clouds then these clouds are taken too far off places by gusting wind. Then precipitation occurs and this water is also the cause of underground water. The water cycle described in the Holy Quran quite remarkably correct.

Quran and Formation of Clouds

The Almighty Allah said in Quran chapter 24 and Ayat 43. “Have you not seen how Allah makes the clouds move gently, then join together, then make them a stack then you see how rain comes out of them”.
The Quran describes the clouds that are very heavy The Thunder clouds can wish up to 300,000 tons. Now Quran described the clouds are heavy and they carry heavyweight. The weight of precipitation is fifty Km area of one centimeter carrying a weight of half of the ton. We were thinking that clouds are very light weighted. There are thousands of tons of water moving our atmosphere quite easily.
The clouds are necessary to complete the water cycle and without clouds, the atmospheric temperature can not be maintained.

The Roundness of the Earth

The earth was believed to be flat and a disc-like structure. The Quran describes in Surah Al-Zumir Ayat 5 that we have created the heavens and earth in true proportion and he wraps the night up in the day, and wraps the day into night”. The wrapping means the roundness of the earth.
In the seventy nights chapter, almighty Allah describes “After that he created an egg-shaped earth”. The word “Daha” is used to describe the Ostrich egg. Now the Ostrich egg is not completely round in shape. It is somehow flattened at the top make it an oval structure. Now in this modern era, we know that the earth is not completely rounded and an oval structure. The oval structure described by Quran is proved by today’s modern technology as man traveled to space and watched the Earth.

The Function Wind and Atmosphere and Fecundating Property

There are different temperatures in different areas of the world but air maintains the temperature of the earth. If air has not this property that it maintains the normal temperature around the earth. Then some places on earth become too hot and some would become too cold. The earth would ultimately become inhabitable and no flora and fauna wouldn’t survive.

The other property of air has a fecundating property(fertilizing). The fertilization of the plants happens through wind and breeze. In Surah Al-Hijar verse twenty-two Almighty Allah said that” And we sent fecundating wind”. We know today that there are male and female parts of the plants this fecundation occurs through winds. We know that pollens and seeds move via winds.

The Historical Miracles of the Quran

The historical miracles of the Quran are remarkable as Muhammad(SAW) never traveled to Egypt. The complete story of Prophet Moses(AS) and how he along with his nation escaped from the trinity of Pharos.

The complete description of different nations like Ad, Samood, and King Zulqurnane was passed a long time before Muhammad(SAW) was even born. How a man lived in a desert knows all about these historical facts. The complete description of the journey of Moses(AS) and Bani Israel is described in the Quran and this whole story is also confirmed from old testimony.

The description of Babilon culture shows that these people were worshipping Sun, Moon, and Stars. This Mesopotamia fact is discovered today that these Mesopotamian people worshipped the Moon, Sun, and the Stars. The star they were worshipping was Venice, the evening star. Then how it can possible for Muhammad(SAW) to describe these facts correctly until and unless we have to believe it is a word of almighty Allah.


In this article, we have described some miracles of the Quran. There is an uncountable miracle description in the Quran that nobody has the strength and wisdom to recognize all the miraculous revelations of the Holy Quran. The amazing miracles that are described in the Quran are explained only if we believe that the Quran is the word of Allah. The Muhammad (SAW) is His messenger otherwise there is no explanation. How these scientific facts that are discovered in this modern era are described perfectly in the Holy Quran. As we know Muhammad(SAW) was not a scientist, actually he was not able to read and write. In Quran, he was also called “UMMI” meaning a man that does not know how to read and write. The creation of the universe is one of the great miracles but describing all those events as descriptively narrated in the Holy Quran is the greatest miracle of all. How specifically and thoroughly Quran described the function of the mountain and their important feature that they hold the earth and keep its balance. The human embryology and a complete description of different stages of human development.
The narrations about the expansion of the universe and this universe are continuously expanding. The fact that the water of two oceans can’t mix in the process of Haloclines described in the Quran. The fact that even matter has pairs and there are matter and antimatter is there. How many facts we can deny that is described in Quran. The fact that the speed of light is equal to one thousand lunar years is a fact that is discovered today, how a man fourteen hundred years ago accurately describes this fact. We have to believe this is a book of Almighty Allah and it’s revealed on his messenger Muhammad(SAW). There is an amazing resemblance of facts we are inventing today is completely and thoroughly described in Quran fourteen hundred years ago. There is an old saying
“As time grew older the knowledge of the Holy Quran becomes younger”
We tried our best that there is no error remain in this document but being a human being if an error remains unwantedly, May Almighty Allah forgive us!