A productivity app for mobile devices helps you to perform your task efficiently. Productivity apps can make your job easier if you use them properly. Why are employees so concerned about productivity, take the time to think about what you want to get out of it? Why productivity is so important, when you enhance productivity, the outcome would be more money, more efficiency(now you can produce more from your effort in the same amount of time). The choice to select the most productive app for your mobile devices is crucial according to your requirement. A good choice helps you to increased productivity during your job.

Now by installing the right productivity app you can manage your task and help you in:

  1. Make your task more efficient
  2. Keep collaboration fluid
  3. Make different schedule work
  4. Remove bottleneck
  5. Enhance your productivity
  6. Track real-time progress
  7. Enjoy cross-platform compatibility
  8. Make the process of reporting easy
  9. Make work smooth

The suitable installation of productive apps also improves your performance at the workplace. So it becomes a critical decision to make, the choice of a suitable app is no longer an easy task. Nowadays mobile phones work as workstations, thanks to powerful processors,  large screens display and high resolution made it possible. The role of mobile is enhanced in this age of technology. 

A productive app enables you to perform the day-to-day operation more efficiently and effectively. Productive apps save a lot of your time and money. Some apps are also useful for organizations to boost their output.

In recent years productive apps and tools have simplified the lives of professionals across every industry. Are you wondering to be more productive these days?

 We are presenting the 10 best productivity apps of 2021, these apps are going to make you more productive.

1: Todoist

Todoist is an app that you are looking for to manage your daily routine task. You are looking to systematize your daily task. This app is cost-free and maintains track of your daily to-do-list. It assists you to classify and sort daily tasks, set due dates and reminders. It also tracks your progress and collaborates on projects with others. The other useful features include position-based reminders as well as the option to sort tasks according to priority.

Cost: Free

Get it for Android or IOS

2: Forest

If you are the one who is easily distracted on your phone. This unique app encourages you to put down the screen and stay focused on your task. The unique phenomenon is quite simple: Plant a seed when you are ready to start a task, then set a timer. When you are working your seed grows, but if you exit the app due to any reason, your tree dies. That’s how you can grow an entire forest. This app has partnered with Plant of the Future to grow actual plants, so you can protect the environment by doing your work more efficiently.

Cost: $1.99

Get it for Android or IOS

3: Freedom

We all know how easy it is to be distracted by social media and other websites. This app provides you a way to block distracting and time-wasting websites and apps for a set period. You can customize your internet access and block whichever site or app you think is making a fuss. So you can concentrate entirely on the job at hand.

Cost: Free

Get it for Android or IOS

4: SaneBox

SaneBox is the premier service you’ll find for managing your existing email account. SaneBox is installed at the back end of your email account. It puts messages that aren’t important in different folders that aren’t in your inbox. How does Sane Box ensure such e-mail supervision? The software figures out the difference between a “cold call” email and one from a business associated by looking at whether they are already in your address book. You also guide SaneBox by giving it feedback. The SaneBox also gives you an option of which type of mails you don’t want in your mailbox.

Cost: $7 per month

Get it for Android and IOS

5: G Suite

G Suite is Google’s office suite for business. It’s included a grade version of Google docs, Sheets, Slides, plus other apps to keep coworkers of a business working together productively. The also included video and voice conferencing, shared calendars, Gmail, and storage advantages.

Cost: $6 per month

Get it for Android or IOS

6: Trello

Trello is a work management app, it helps team visualization their performance and track who is doing what. You create a board with columns, also you add cards to it, these cards are like sticky notes on board. Trello’s charm comes from its simple interface, by using simple tasks you can manage your whole organization.

Cost: $12 per month

Get it for Android or IOS

7: 1Password

Trying to remember a lot of passwords sometimes becomes a difficult task. You can store many different passwords and things into 1Password. So it becomes very easy to recall any password.No there is no tension to remember all the passwords you have ever created. Now a single master password protecting all of your critical information. Now you are the only person who can see your password, as this app also has end to end encryption feature. This app also works by using your face ID.

Cost: Free for the first month after that $3.99 subscription changes every month

Get it for Android or IOS

8: Be Focused

If you are the type of guy, who is easy works best by taking intermediate breaks. Then the app is would help you by breaking your day into a 25-minute focus session and then 5 minutes break. To help you get things done in a better way.

Cost: Free

Get it for Android or IOS

9: Toggle

It’s a time tracking app that helps you keep track that how much time is taken to complete a task. This is an app that helps you in managing your daily schedule. When you track which kind of task is taking how much time, then you can easily manage your schedule.

Cost: Free

Get it for Android or IOS

10: Google Calendar

There is no better calendar app than Google Calendar. This app helps you in scheduling your tasks easily. You can also set your appointments and reminders here. This super-app helps you to easily channelize your tasks.

Cost: Free
Get it for Android or IOS