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How people can avoid drug addiction and smoking?

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Covid-19 is the epidemic, changing the dynamics of the world and still reshaping it. The epidemics had halted the world for so long, nobody can remember this in the modern era. The epidemics of the past resonated but at that time the world was not that connected. Now the spread was so fast that nobody could imagine the consequences. Even the world politics was also affected by the Covid-19, current US election result was also affected by COVID-19. The inability of the Trump administration caused them the defeat in the presidential election. The impact of COVID-19 was so huge that everybody wants to get rid of that as quickly as possible. Masses are thinking that the epidemics are over. The emergence of different vaccination in the market also contributes to that but the infection rate of COVID-19 is so fast.
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The spread of the virus is so fast that if the patient is vaccinated he can cause unavoidable damage to society and in the spread of the virus. Now the dilemma is that nobody is going to quantify himself voluntarily. The infected person thinks he can get a vaccination, and avoid the consequences of the disease. Different factors are causing the spread of the epidemics.
Beware COVID-19 is not over yet!

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Causes of prolonged COVID-19

There are different causes of prolonged COVID-19 epidemics. We are going to discuss some of them.

The exponential spread of the virus

People are not taking COVID-19 as seriously, as it was in 2020. The thinking behind that there is a corona vaccine available in the market. The exponential spread of Corona is huge, now we are presenting the speed of the spread of the virus. If an infected person is not quarantined effectively, he can infect 2.5 in 5 days, this infected person can affect 406 persons on average. The rate can be more exponential than that, its needs time that we again come in the Corona mode, everybody starts to wear a mask.

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Less COVID-19 restriction

The easiness of the restriction to COVID-19 also contributed to the spread. The virus is not weak, it’s a single spiral virus and can modify its genetics coding. The recent outbreak contributed to the relaxation of the restriction related to Corona.

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Reluctance to wear the mask

People are too lethargic to wear a mask, to keep social distancing. They are thinking the epidemics are over and enjoying their life is their right. Some people are wearing masks reluctantly as the masses are not following the restrictions.

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The social distancing and outbreak

Social distancing is also a major contributor to the recent spread of the Coronavirus. A recent example of that is PSL, a top-notch cricket franchise brand. The postponement of the league is due to a lack of social distancing. It should be remembered that Corona is not over yet, governments and medical professionals recognize that they should try to relax the restrictions gradually. The effect of Corona would remain for a long period. The effect of the virus can be minimized by a massive campaign like Polio that happens after the repeated period.

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The meth of vaccination

The meth of vaccination is also contributing to the spread of Corona. Some people think the threat of Corona is over as different vaccination is available in the market. This meth inclined masses that they can now enjoy their life as vaccination is available. This misconception also contributes to the spread of the virus. People are not understanding the exponential growth of the virus. Some people are too concerned about the side effects of the vaccinations that they are fearing to be vaccinated. They should try to understand if vaccination is available in the market after going through a process of testing. If there are minor side effects of vaccination there they should be ignored as the threat is real.

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The danger of COVID-19 is strategic

Strategic planning is required to reduce the effect of Corona. The danger can be eradicated by long-term planning and implementation. Now we have to make sure the spread can be reduced effectively. The complete elimination of the virus would be not that easy, it needs a repeated vaccination campaign and strategy. If we use such lethargic behavior to avoid Corona. Then the spread of the virus is inevitable, and it can’t be averted after some time. The world would be in the same phase of halted after, as experienced in 2020. No known virus until now has the exponential spread value like Corona.

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An awareness campaign

An awareness campaign is required to stop the recent spread of the virus. The world has seen the calamity of Corona in 2020, nobody can afford such an emergency. If the world financial capitals become the prey of Corona. The result would be horrific anybody can imagine. It’s time to understand the threat of Corona is not over yet. We have to prepare ourselves for the consequences of COVID-19. The intensity of the Corona campaign has fallen, the fear factor is reduced. The Coronavirus is still there and growing and spreading everywhere in the world. You can compare the number of deaths and the number of infected people, you will amaze its roundabout at the same level and intensity.

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The nature of the COVID-19 virus

We have to understand the nature of the virus and its exponential spread. According to Prof Paul Lehner from the University of Cambridge said that the COVID virus is brilliant, it makes you a viral factory and multiplies in your nose. When the virus multiplies our body starts releasing a chemical called interferons. Once this chemical is hijacked by a virus and this is a warning signal to our body and to the immune system.

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According to Prof Lehner, the Covid- 19 virus has an “amazing capability” of switching off this chemical warning, you can’t even understand that you are ill, your immune system becomes ineffective.
This deceiving nature of COVID-19 makes it deadly for us.