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How Exercise Works Out Help Your Brain To Keep Your Memory Sharp

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Sports are Important for Progress and Growth in The Modern Era

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How Less Sleep and More Stress Make You Less Healthy

Your body needs a certain time of sleep which is a minimum of eight hours during twenty-four hours of the day. Sleeping well is necessary for the proper functioning of the metabolism of our body. When your sleep timing is disturbed, you feel the side-effects of bad...

How people can avoid drug addiction and smoking?

Drug addiction and smoking are connected. The teenage time is the most vulnerable period, most people who fell into drug addiction and smoking started at this tender age. There are various reasons why people start smoking or are inclined towards drugs. The most common...

Technology has transformed our lives and we are not even realizing it. Now think of lives of one hundred years, what’s come to your mind, a life without electricity, no proper transportations means, no gadgets for communication means, etc. Life without electricity villages falls into the dark just by the sunset and months taken to go far from places and sometimes we have no News of our loved ones for months.

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Now stop a moment and take a look around yourself what you notice? There are gadgets, PC, Wifi routers, and much more that have transformed every aspect of our life. These transformations of technology have their impacts on our attitude and behavior. There are positive and negative impacts of technology on our life. With the advent of technology, we have become less reactive and decreased physical activity, and too much reliance on technology.

Pros and Cons of Technology

Below, we discuss one by one the Pros and Cons of technology:

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Pros of Technology

Now the Pros of Technology are as follows:

Enhanced Production

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Now Technology has enhanced the production and performance of the businesses of many industries. Now the automated systems have saved a lot of time and the quality of the products. Now by implementing the new technological tools businesses can attain a competitive advantage.


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The market access becomes easy and we make purchases by staying at home. All the market elements whether you are searching for a product or a job search these things available by the movement of our figure tips۔

Job Creation

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The escalation of technology has produced a big number of innovative jobs in the market. In this age of technology, a new group of employers is desirable to work efficiently that can uphold and build up the new technology in homes and businesses.


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Connectivity with your friends and family now turns out to be very easy. Now you can talk from one corner to another corner of the world as you are sitting in front of each other. It produces a remarkable setting and an enhanced understanding of different cultures. Now you can communicate with others by using different platforms and media with other cultures and people.

Technology and Education

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Put into practice technology into the classroom facilitate students to explore and access different ways of effective learning. It may probable that some students learn in a lecture environment, others might be learning enhanced from educational software. When students are given the alternative of different learning ways, they will search and try different tools and techniques and in this way, they learn the best strategies for themselves.

Cons of Technological Development

Along with the advantages of technology, there are some disadvantages of technology:

Mental Stress and Technology

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Technology has also increased mental stress, now as you are easily accessible at any place, there is no place to hide from your Boss and fellows. Sometimes continuous work on your gadgets can cause mental stress and strain and it can cause headaches and a weakened nervous system as a result.


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Gadgets such as handheld tablets, smartphones, and computers,   and their contentious use can cause eye strain. Digital eye strain may include.

  • Blurred vision 
  • Dry eyes
  • Continuous headache, neck, or shoulders strains.

Now we are presenting some of the factors that can cause eyestrain:

  • Screen Watch time
  • Screen glare
  • Screen brightness
  • Viewing too close or too far away
  • Poor sitting posture
  • Underlying vision issues

The likelihood of eye strain can be reduced by taking regular breaks during your work. If the symptoms persist then you have an optometrist for a checkup.

Sleep Sickness

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Sometimes using gadgets during your sleeping hours may cause sleep sickness. These gadgets emit blue light, such as the light from cell phones, e-readers, and computers, which stimulates the brain. Take it seriously as loss of sleep can cause a lot of physical and mental health-related issues.

Reduced Physical Activity

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Sedentary behaviors can cause a lot of health-related issues for us. The lack of activities and sitting on your laptop every time promotes a more sedentary lifestyle, this kind of behavior can cause multiple health-related issues like:

  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Premature death

 Social Disconnect

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Putting into practice technology is expensive in many ways, and be state-of-the-art with the latest technology is not possible for everyone. This can source a main social partition among the people who are capable and incapable to have the funds for these technologies.

Can be a Distraction

The students are becoming victims of technology and their attitude towards teachers is not as graceful as was in past. The equipment in the classroom affects education. When students make use of tools and technologies in the classroom they might be abstracted via things like gaming, social media, browsing, etc. Students are often considering walking by looking down at their phones rather than communicating with friends around them.

Personal Privacy

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When we make use of technology in our daily life, privacy is a huge issue. Personal information and data must be safe. Different application tools make sure privacy measures but are they sufficient to be safe from potential privacy risk.

All in all, technologies have their advantages and disadvantages the ultimate responsibility comes to us that how we are using technology. Make a schedule of how you are using technology along with leading a healthy life.