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Kabbadi and village games in our region

Kabbadi is one of the famous sports of villages all around the subcontinent. Kabaddi gained the peak of its popularity when two arch-rivals Pakistan and India collided with each other. This sport has gone international during the last ten years. In other villages...

How Exercise Works Out Help Your Brain To Keep Your Memory Sharp

Exercise works out as a source of sharper memory and a healthy brain. Exercise helps the brain in the growth of new brain cells and reduces the decay of brain cells due to aging. Exercise improves your overall health and your sense of well-being. Exercise has a direct...

Sports are Important for Progress and Growth in The Modern Era

Sports play an important role in the progress of any nation and society. Nowadays sports are not merely physical activity but it also turned into a business industry. Sports and sports-related companies and brands earning huge profits recently. In this modern age,...

How Less Sleep and More Stress Make You Less Healthy

Your body needs a certain time of sleep which is a minimum of eight hours during twenty-four hours of the day. Sleeping well is necessary for the proper functioning of the metabolism of our body. When your sleep timing is disturbed, you feel the side-effects of bad...

How people can avoid drug addiction and smoking?

Drug addiction and smoking are connected. The teenage time is the most vulnerable period, most people who fell into drug addiction and smoking started at this tender age. There are various reasons why people start smoking or are inclined towards drugs. The most common...

Bitcoin is a virtual coin invented in January 2009 following the housing market collapse. It pursues the ideas set out in a whitepaper by the strange person Satoshi Nakamoto. The characteristics of the person or persons who created the technology are still a mystery. Bitcoin offers lower transaction fees than conventional online payment instruments and is operated by a decentralized authority. Bitcoin exchange of transactions is routed through a private network of computers linked through a collective ledger. Each transaction is concurrently recorded in a “blockchain” on each computer that updates and informs all financial records. The blockchain provides a dispersed ledger and prevents the need for any vital authority to preserve such records.

Advantages of Bitcoin

We can better recognize how this virtual currency provides potential benefits to its users.

User Autonomy

User autonomy is one of the most attractive features of this digital currency. Digital currencies permit users more autonomy over their own money than conventional currencies. Users can control how they spend their money without dealing with a mediator authority like a bank or government.


Bitcoin purchases are discrete. Except for when a user willingly publishes his Bitcoin transactions, his transaction is never associated with his identity. This is not to say that Bitcoin transactions are unknown or entirely untraceable, but they are much less readily linked to individual identity than some conventional forms of payment.

Payment Fraud Protection

Using Bitcoins engage algorithms and cryptographic protocols. And that makes the use of Bitcoins not possible to fake. Thus, as digital currencies, they are secured too.

International Transactions

You can carry out any global transaction anywhere in the world, as Bitcoin is an easy technique for the international transfer of funds without involving any extra fees or mediator. Also, the funds are transferred directly from the sender to the receiver.

Self-administered and managed

The management of Bitcoin currency is taken care of by fraud and tracers of your transactions. As they accumulate all the connected information on their hardware. Their accounts are up to date preserved by them keeping the records decentralized. And they receive a transaction fee as a reward for doing so.

Peer-to-Peer Exchange of Payment

The Bitcoin payment system is simply peer-to-peer, meaning that customers can send and receive amounts to or from anyone on the system around the world without requiring endorsement from any outside source or influence.


Customers can access Bitcoins with only a Smartphone or computer, Bitcoin is almost available to populations of users without access to conventional banking arrangements, credit cards, and other methods of payment.

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Disadvantages of Bitcoin

There are disadvantages of Bitcoin which are described as follows:

No Physical Form

There is No bodily look of Bitcoin and hence you cannot use them in stores and daily lifestyle in place of cash and for that, you need to convert them into currencies.

Lack of Awareness & Understanding

People scarcely know about digital currencies or bitcoin and possess very little awareness and knowledge about it. People need to be more educated about Bitcoins and their uses, and how to use them, and other related things too.

Risks and Instability

There exist a limited amount of coins and the demand for Bitcoins. The Bitcoin price changes every day as there is restricted usage of it in the marketplace as well as used less for trading.

In Development Stage

Bitcoin is still in the development stage, therefore most of its features to be at the initial stage.

  • Its original benefits and services need to be accessed and tested.
  •  Bitcoin requirements and developments to be fully used as a digital currency.
  • There are some issues relating to Bitcoin procedure or tribulations that need to be matured.

No refund

If you have performed a transaction and payment is not received by the receiver, it cannot be compensated as the transaction happens between users, and without the involvement of any institution. So, there’s no scope for transferring the Bitcoin cashback.

Black market activity

Bitcoin is a popular currency used in Black market activity due to its anonymous feature, it mostly prefers dealing related to cyber hacking, drug deals, and black-market arms deals. Laws and regulations should be established around Bitcoin, so there should be a proper umbrella over Bitcoin.

Negative Effects of mining on the atmosphere

 Advance computers and a lot of energy are required in mining Bitcoin.  China has gone on board its name with the chief Bitcoin miners which makes use of coal to produce the electricity needed in producing Bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin a bad investment?

Bitcoins are not physical money, it is just a digital currency as many other cryptocurrencies. Thus, there are no coins or notes. Additionally, they offer restricted authorized safeguards, and the chances of losing some or all of your capital are great. The risk factor while using Bitcoin is great, so the masses are still not going to use it.

  • Some of the other disadvantages of
  •  Bitcoin operations engage no repayment
  •  Black marketplace activity may take place
  • Not widely accepted by Governments and financial Institutions
  • Great risks, instability, unpredictability concerned
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How Bitcoin affecting Global Economy

Bitcoin has some advantages over fiat currencies and other transaction types like a gold exchange. Bitcoin matchless uniqueness that can revitalize financial growth and present a game-changing global financial breakthrough:


Bitcoin can be accessed by a “seed phrase” so it only exists in digital form. Hence, it can in principle be stored only in a digital wallet. This digital wallet can swiftly be restored using a “seed phrase” if you access it from different devices.


Since Bitcoin is a decentralized virtual currency, it was designed to get rid of the likelihood of fraud by making it a real-time transaction process. Also, it does not involve third-parties or intermediaries, so you have the full power to manage and manage your assets.


Bitcoin is easily “carried around.” Its unique feature is portability along with it has features like divisibility, fungible, and irretrievable digital currency. If you have a device to access your digital wallet, you can carry out your transaction directly.


Bitcoin information is documented in the digital wallet and doesn’t need to be connected to any openly individual data. So, it’s the reverse of conventional banks that know all intentions and reasons about their customers.

Methods of Payments. Bitcoin is positioned to be a digital currency and a new kind of currency, which means it can be used as a means of payment.  Many companies in various industries are now accepting Bitcoin as their genuine form of funds.

A Comparison

Why Bitcoin has an edge over other currencies (gold and fiat money). The following comparison shows how “Bitcoin” outsmarted other forms of financial transactions.

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How Bitcoin Transforms Global Economy

The story of Bitcoin is certainly just getting started, but it’s already revolutionized the global economy. It becomes vital to know how it will shape the international financial system and market in near future. Here are some visible effects of Bitcoin on the worldwide financial system.

Shifts in Global Investments

Many investors are now including Bitcoin in their portfolio investment. Bitcoin provides them another avenue to eradicate risks and increase the volumes of their returns.

The chart below exactly describes this situation.

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A small segment of investment to Bitcoin appreciably heightened the cumulative return of a 60% to equity portfolio and 40% bonds portfolio allocation mix while only minimally impacting

Some experts have shown concerns about the Bitcoin Volatility and unpredictable worth of its value that can spark a global financial crisis.

Separates Transactions from the Dollar

Digital currencies do not demand any connection with the U.S. dollar. Bitcoin is providing another avenue to the concerned parties to the financial system. This forum is given ample opportunity to the companies in the global economy while, at the same time, circumventing U.S. economic policies.

Although it might look like a danger to the government because the U.S. dollars act as the reserve currency for the global economy and it provides the US as the world’s prime financial power, it enables more international transactions.

Eliminates the Need for Middlemen

Bitcoin is designed to allow peer-to-peer electronic transactions between counterparties without the interference of any third party. It does not necessitate an intermediary, or a go-between, unlike the conventional currency. Transactions are authenticated in a decentralized fashion.

The truth that made the banking institution worried, as it eradicates the need for their service. The role of banking and financial institutions should be redefined until and unless they make their role as a facilitator to a Bitcoin transaction.

Encourages More Overseas Transactions

Since masses of people living in countries around the world with fragile economies still don’t have a bank account, Bitcoin approaches and engages them with the international internet economy.

People living in less developed countries have a chance to connect the international financial system with this digital currency. All that is required is a digital wallet to make transactions anywhere in the world.
The last three months of 2020 have seen the average transaction via Bitcoin is “287,492”.

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Bitcoin payments and transactions are quite fast, crystal clear, private, and protected. Also, the transaction fees may be much more reasonably priced than in conservative payment systems.

Reduces High Reliance on Fiat Money

Bitcoin is away from any economic and political matters of the world that often can affect conventional currencies. Bitcoin is intended to be a digital currency that can be an option for official or fiat money. Customers have become more dependent on digital transfer as a useful means to pay for products and services. Using Bitcoin as reliance on traditional or authorized money is reduced. What is more attractive is that the people who have already invested in Bitcoin consider that their virtual cash enjoys the same level of security as authorized money.

Regulation of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has become ever-present, both national and regional authorities prompt to wrestle with their financial policies. In this subject, central banks are functioning rigid to put this ad hoc fiscal system under control. It can lead to laws particularly addressing this Digital currency and tentative fizz that Bitcoin will potentially cause.

Countries are adopting different approaches to tackle these phenomena of cryptocurrency, Countries like Algeria, Bolivia, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, and Vietnam have banned Bitcoin.

Some countries reacted oppositely as they see it as a means of another way of transaction. For example, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, the European Union accept cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, as a method of payment even by government agencies.

The map below describes the legality of Bitcoin all around the world:

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Removes Barriers to Entry and Emerges New Market

Bitcoin is recognized as an international decentralized transaction network that eradicates the requirement of any centralized institutions for currency issuance and resolution. It has unlocked the door for a new kind of marketplace and opportunities where no influence or person controls the financial market.

So, rather than persuade the business enterprises, banks, and other financial institutions for their potential project, they can bypass the system and power through Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). With ICO, startups, and minute businesses around the world can put up for sale some of their coins to get their business off the ground.

Why some companies taking interest in Bitcoin

Companies and entities taking part in the disbursement of the Bitcoin due to the following reasons

  • Bitcoin facilitates unconstrained access to a dependable credit system
  • Free digital currency that’s based wholly on data.
  • If the worth remains stable for a long period of time, it will increase the acceptability of Bitcoin and it’ll bridge people who are isolated from global merchants continuously.
  • It will open new marketplaces and new horizons for investment.
  • Bitcoin adds sustainability to financial systems and comprehensive growth in the global economy.
  • Bitcoin does not need any expensive fees for transactions, which formulate it much more attractive for its consumer– and people who are taking into consideration using it.
  • It has to turn out to be the most important crowdfunding method for blockchain-based startups. This new method of crowdfunding authorized companies or organizations to raise capital in the form of cryptocurrencies.