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Kabbadi is one of the famous sports of villages all around the subcontinent. Kabaddi gained the peak of its popularity when two arch-rivals Pakistan and India collided with each other. This sport has gone international during the last ten years. In other villages sports Wrestling (Kushtti) is also a famous sport. In village life, the “Mella” is the origin of such sports. People take enormous interest in such cultural events in villages that you can’t imagine while living in cities.
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The village life is full of passion and near to nature. People living in the villages have access to pure nutrients and foods. In some parts of Bahawalpur, Camel racing is famous, people gather a handsome amount of money in reward. Horse pegging is also a famous sport in the Punjab region.

Village life and sports culture

Both east and west Punjab of the subcontinent was the hub of culture even in the British Raj. Punjab was the main contributor of agri-products in that era, still, now this area is the hub of cultural activities. These sports represent our culture and way of village life. How people used to live in villages, why village life is still attracted by some people. Punjab is a region of beauty with five rivers flowing through it, and falling in the mighty Indus. The whole region of Punjab the Plan area of Indus, famous all around the world due to its soil and cultivation capacities.

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Is Kabbadi becomes a franchise sport

The Kabbadi in India and Pakistan is a passion. Pakistan has beaten India in the last year’s world cup final to gain the status of World champion in Kabaddi for the first time. The epic match between Pakistan and India was closely contested as all the previous finals between the arch-rivals. The display of power and technique was amazing that nobody can’t forget. The captain of the Pakistani Kabaddi team Irfan Jutt and Shafiqe Chishti have become our national heroes. Shafiqe Chishti is a player to watch and his unique style is remarkable. Lala Obaidullah is also one of the charming players due to his physique and enormous strength. He plays as a raider, his attacking speed and strength are remarkable. Some people are saying Kabaddi would become a franchise sport like cricket in Pakistan due to its popularity in the masses.

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Pro-Kabaddi league

In India, people are predicting that Pro-Kabaddi will be the next IPL. In India, the Pro-Kabaddi league started in 2014, in this event eight teams participated and each team paid a fee of $ 250,000. The league gained enormous popularity and maintained its success. The business model of IPL was copied for the league. The dynamics of Kabaddi is different from cricket as this sport is predominantly a Punjabi sport and people have friendly relations across the border. The opening of the corridor for Sikhs also revived the bindings. Recent Pakistan government has revived friendly relations between the east and west Punjab. So Kabaddi teams are visiting Pakistan and vice versa. Some Pakistani players have also participated in the Pro-Kabaddi League and made their name.

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Can Kabaddi help to revive relation between arch-rivals

Kabaddi is a village sport and it is predominantly popular in the Punjab region. The two Punjabs are reviving their relationships after the brutality of partition. The opening of the Kartar- Pur corridor has opened new avenues between the two Punjab. Now Kabaddi is a game of Punjab, so teams are welcomed across the border. People of Punjab always admire the strength and bravery historically, this sport presents a whole package of that. It’s quite possible that in the near future Kabaddi can play the role in easing tension between two arch-rivals.

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Benefits of playing Kabaddi

Kabaddi has its own benefits, you start playing Kabaddi today and enjoy the benefits of the sports by gaining stamina along with strength. The speed and agility shown by professional players are remarkable. In Kabaddi you need the presence of mind and utmost endurance. You do not simply need strength in this sport, it’s a combination of strength, technique, and stamina. The players having such holistic qualities can only maintain their presence in the arena.

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Kabaddi is a game of tactics

Kabaddi is a game of endurance and skills, physical force is just 50 % of the basic need. The remaining 50 % is the tactics and technique. In this game your footwork, along with finding the path to retreat is important.

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Now we are discussing some of the mechanic’s uses in this game.

Raid mechanisms

The attacker in this sport is known to be a raider. The speed and strength of the raider are important, he has to compete with the whole team of defenders. So the raider must have the skills to tag one of the defenders and retreat back to its portion. Shafique Chishti and Lala Obaidullah are two famous raiders of the world. Their footwork and strength combined with the technique are remarkable. Their entry into the defenders’ portion makes them shaky and they feel pressure due to their skills.

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The most unique feature of this game is to Cant. The raider when entering the region of the opposition he always Cant. These are the rules of Kabaddi that you continuously chant the word Kabaddi during your raid. If a player failed to do that he would be automatically out of the match. So the duration of Cant is the test of the breath of raider.

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Defenders in Kabaddi known as “Japphi”. The define of the team also plays an important role in the win or loss of a team. One or two defenders were always famous for their grip and strength.


Village sports are the color of our culture, we need to revive our culture. Somehow masses are moving towards cities to get better job opportunities. Village life is still the ultimate experience and you feel yourself near to nature. The evening and morning of villages are enchanting and remarkable.