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Kabbadi and village games in our region

Kabbadi is one of the famous sports of villages all around the subcontinent. Kabaddi gained the peak of its popularity when two arch-rivals Pakistan and India collided with each other. This sport has gone international during the last ten years. In other villages...

How Exercise Works Out Help Your Brain To Keep Your Memory Sharp

Exercise works out as a source of sharper memory and a healthy brain. Exercise helps the brain in the growth of new brain cells and reduces the decay of brain cells due to aging. Exercise improves your overall health and your sense of well-being. Exercise has a direct...

Sports are Important for Progress and Growth in The Modern Era

Sports play an important role in the progress of any nation and society. Nowadays sports are not merely physical activity but it also turned into a business industry. Sports and sports-related companies and brands earning huge profits recently. In this modern age,...

How Less Sleep and More Stress Make You Less Healthy

Your body needs a certain time of sleep which is a minimum of eight hours during twenty-four hours of the day. Sleeping well is necessary for the proper functioning of the metabolism of our body. When your sleep timing is disturbed, you feel the side-effects of bad...

How people can avoid drug addiction and smoking?

Drug addiction and smoking are connected. The teenage time is the most vulnerable period, most people who fell into drug addiction and smoking started at this tender age. There are various reasons why people start smoking or are inclined towards drugs. The most common...
Baby Names That Start With Letter A

Ayaan, Ayesha, and Ahmed are lovely Muslim baby boy and girl names commencing with the letter A. Each name holds significant meanings like “gift of God,” “alive,” and “Praise Worthy, Noble or Commendable.” These names offer Muslim parents thoughtful choices, symbolizing divine blessings, life, and tranquility for their beloved children’s futures.

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Baby Names Start with Alphabets



Most Popular Baby Names Starting With A
NameMeaning in EnglishGender
Abdul RafayThe Exaulter, To Elevate RankBoy
AyubA Biblical Prophet'S Name, Job Is The English Language EquivalentBoy
AjmalExtremely Beautiful, HandsomeBoy
AnsarCollectting of nasir ,helpfulBoy
AbubakarIn egyptian meaning is : Noble,Boy
AzalThat Which Does Not Have A BeginningBoy
AhmarRed Coloured,Boy
Adeelone who acts with justice and fairness”, “moderate”, “virtuous”, “excellent -
AftarBreakfast the east,Boy
AasNaga keep names of the leading SahabiBoy
Al FaizName of a Fatimid Caliph,Boy
AbabilCrowd, Band, SwallowBoy
AlDescription Of A Lion, Name Of The Prophets UncleBoy
AneesCompanion Genial Close FriendBoy
Abdur-rahmanVariant Of Abdul Rahman: One Who Serves A Merciful ManBoy
AzimGreat, Magnificent, Admirable, SplendidBoy
AtharVery Pious PureBoy
Abdul-rahmanServant Of The Mercifully GraciousBoy
Abdul HannanSlave of the MercifulBoy
AntarRush Boldly In To DangerBoy
AzanCall To Prayer, Power, StrengthBoy
AamirCivilized, Amply Settled, Prosperous, Full of lifeBoy
AzharFlowers, Blossoms, THE MOST SHINING LUMINOUSBoy
ArifKnowledgeable, Learned, Expert, AuthorityBoy
AdyanReligious, Pious, Creeds, Plural Of DeenBoy
AbaanMountain’s Name, Clear, Name Of A CompanionBoy
AhilEmperor, Ruler, Great LeaderBoy
ArsalanLion, Brave man, Warrior In AfghanBoy
AmanSafety, Protection, PeaceBoy
AbrarVirtuous, Pious, Great ManBoy
AfanTo Forgive, A Person Who Forgives, ModestBoy
AaronExalted One, Enlightened, High MountainBoy
AyazCool Breeze, Night Breeze, A Servant Of Sultan MehmoodBoy
AhmedPraise Worthy, Noble, Commendable, Name Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)Boy
AhadOne, Unique, Matchless, Another Name For Godboy
AsadLion, Virtuous, FortunateBoy
AbdullahServant Of Allah, Obedient, Name Of Prophet’s FatherBoy
AdnanSettler, One Who Settle For A Long Time In A Place, ParadiseBoy
ArishRighteous, Nobel, A Brave SoliderBoy
AayanGod’s Gift, Manifest, BlessingBoy
AliEminent, Noble, High In RankBoy
AryanWarrior, invasionary mind people, related to prehistoric Arya peopleBoy
AnasAffection, Love, Pleasant CompanionshipBoy
AyanGif Of God, Reward, BlessingBoy
AyaanGift Of God, Reward, GenerosityBoy
ArhamMercy, Compassion, KindnessBoy
AabirahFleeting, transitory, ephemeralGirl
AlishbahPretty ,Caring Sweet, InnocentGirl
AdibaCultured, RefinedGirl
AlisaWanderer In Phoenician, Name Of The Queen Of Carthage, GOD IS SALVATIONGirl
ArshDominion Crown ThroneGirl
AliaHeaven, SkyGirl
ArshiThrone livingGirl
AsiyaPensive, Thoughtful, ComfortingGirl
AfifaChaste, Virtuous, modest, Pure, DecentGirl
AmnaPeace ,Safety, Safe One, Protected OneGirl
AleenaFair, Beautiful, Soft, DelicateGirl
AmalWork, Hope, AspirationGirl
AishaLively Woman, Life, alive, well-living, happily livingGirl
AfiyaHealth ( Swahili origin )Girl
AaniaTowards, direction, concern,Girl
AliyaDefender, High, Tall, Towering, Lofty, Exalted, High-Ranking, Sublime, -
AribaWitty, Smart, Wise, Wisdom, DecisivenessGirl
AleezaJoyful, Cheerful, Happy, LightheartedGirl
AbeeraRose, Sandal Saffron Mixed Together In Fragrance,Girl
AafiyaGood health, Bin Ayyub had this name, he was a narrator of HadithGirl
AnahitaGoddess of wisdom and fertilityGirl
AminaHonest, Faithful, Mother Of The Prophet Muhammad,Girl
AaimaLeader, Ruler, SuperiorGirl
AnaPrestige, Self Respect,Girl
AsmaExcellent, lofty, eminent, precious,Higher, more exalted, more sublime, -
AfnanGrowth, Progress, Full Spreading Branches Of Trees, Growth, FruitfulnessGirl
ArshiyaFairy, Abode Of Allah, Lives In SkiesGirl
AreeshaThrone Living, Under an umbrella, built structureGirl
AyaatVerses, Messages, SignsGirl
AreebaWitty and Smart, wise, intelligentGirl
ArfaHigh-Status, Best, Sublime, The MightyGirl
AlinaBright, Fair, Good-Looking, soft, pliable, delicateGirl
AlizaJoyous; Happiness; Faithful; Pious; HonestGirl
AnayaCaring, Guardian, Protector, ConcernGirl
AnitaGrace, Raise, Promote, FavorGirl
ArishaThrone, To Build, HighnessGirl
AimanRighteous, blessed, luckyGirl
AlishaProtected by God, Noble kind; of the noble sort, SecureGirl
AfreenBeautiful, Brave, Acclaim ,Stimulation, Praise, Lucky , EncouragementGirl
AqsaFarthest, The mosque name Height, limitGirl
AryaIn Hindu meaning is : Honoured; nobleGirl
AmyraPrincess, commander, Highborn GirlGirl
AnamPresent, Precious Gift from AllahGirl
AyraVision-filling, eye-weakening, RespectableGirl
Abeehaher father, nickname of Hazrat FatimaGirl
AizaNobel, RespectfulGirl
Aairanoble woman, honourable and respectful ladyGirl
AyatHoly Quran's Verses, Signs, proofGirl
AnabiaThe gate of heaven, the gate of paradiseGirl
AyeshaAlive, Well-Living, Happily LivingGirl