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Kabbadi and village games in our region

Kabbadi is one of the famous sports of villages all around the subcontinent. Kabaddi gained the peak of its popularity when two arch-rivals Pakistan and India collided with each other. This sport has gone international during the last ten years. In other villages...

How Exercise Works Out Help Your Brain To Keep Your Memory Sharp

Exercise works out as a source of sharper memory and a healthy brain. Exercise helps the brain in the growth of new brain cells and reduces the decay of brain cells due to aging. Exercise improves your overall health and your sense of well-being. Exercise has a direct...

Sports are Important for Progress and Growth in The Modern Era

Sports play an important role in the progress of any nation and society. Nowadays sports are not merely physical activity but it also turned into a business industry. Sports and sports-related companies and brands earning huge profits recently. In this modern age,...

How Less Sleep and More Stress Make You Less Healthy

Your body needs a certain time of sleep which is a minimum of eight hours during twenty-four hours of the day. Sleeping well is necessary for the proper functioning of the metabolism of our body. When your sleep timing is disturbed, you feel the side-effects of bad...

How people can avoid drug addiction and smoking?

Drug addiction and smoking are connected. The teenage time is the most vulnerable period, most people who fell into drug addiction and smoking started at this tender age. There are various reasons why people start smoking or are inclined towards drugs. The most common...
Baby Names That Start With Letter H

Hassan, Hiba, and Hadi are delightful Muslim baby boy and girl names commencing with the letter H. Each name holds meaningful interpretations like “handsome,” “gift,” and “guide.” These names offer Muslim parents thoughtful choices, symbolizing beauty, blessings, and leadership for their beloved children’s lives.

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Most Popular Baby Names Starting With H
NameMeaning in EnglishGender
HadisHistory, TraditionBoy
HamdPraise, Admire, CommendationBoy
HumanA Character In ShahnamehBoy
HidayatGuidance, Instruction,Boy
HabibullahBeloved Of GodBoy
HakimWise, Wisdom And DecisivenessBoy
HasibAnother Name For Prophet MuhammadBoy
HasratGrief, Distress,Boy
HeraQueen Of Heaven,Boy
HarunChief, Messenger, ProtectorBoy
HaziqSkillful, IntelligentBoy
HasnatBeautiful, Fair, ElegantBoy
HaninDesire, Longing, yearningBoy
HatimJudge, Inevitable, Ruler, KingBoy
HuzaifahCompanion Of Prophet Muhammad, Huzaifah Ibn YamanBoy
HakanNoble, Of The Highest Race; Exalted SonBoy
HanifTrue BelieverBoy
HafiAffectionate Compassionate Another Name For GodBoy
HaniDelighted, ContentBoy
HasaanHandsome, good benefactorBoy
HamidPraising (God), Loving (God)Boy
HumayunBlessed, AuspiciousBoy
HayyanIn Sindhi meaning is : Lively, energetic,Boy
HosseinGood, handsome, beautifulBoy
Hadid57th Surah of the Quran, ironBoy
HaseebTo calculate the elderlyBoy
Hamim7 Surah Of The Quran Begin With The Letters Ha And Mim, It Means 'known -
HashimName Of Prophet Mohammed'S Grandfather, Old Arabic Name, Generosity,Boy
HabibDearly Loved,Boy
HannanKind, Compassionate, Tenderhearted, Sympathy, loveBoy
HayatLife, Existence,Boy
HazratPresence, Dignity, PowerBoy
HoomanA Character In ShahnamehBoy
HunainName of a valley between at-Taif and MeccaBoy
HanzalahPond, Water, Ditch, name of companion on ProphetBoy
HassanHandsome, Good, BenefactorBoy
HashirOne Who Assemble, Collector, Prophet’s NameBoy
HadiGuide, Leader, God’s Sanctuary Name, MentorBoy
HaiderLion, Virtuous, Fortunate, Brave ManBoy
HussainGood, Handsome, BeautifulBoy
HammadPraised, Admirable, One Who PraisesBoy
HusnainElegant, Handsome Boy, Combined Name Of Prophet’s GrandsonsBoy
HarisVigilant, Watchman, Cultivator, Agnomen Of LionBoy
HasanBeautiful, Gentle, Handsome Man, Grandson Of ProphetBoy
HamdanPraise Worthy, The Praised One, Variation Of The Name "Muhammad"Boy
HamzaLion, Competent, Brazen, Brave manBoy
HuzaifaWise, Intellectual Man, Having the ability to perceive, A Name Of Prophet’s -
HalaLunar Halo, Glory,Girl
HannaCompassion, sympathy, pity,Girl
HasibaHighborn, respected, nobleGirl
HajaIn the heart condition throughGirl
HauraExtremely FairGirl
HajiraHazrat Ismail'S Mother'S NameGirl
HaimaRecurring LoveGirl
HurairaRed Start, Reddish,Girl
HafizaTo protectGirl
HaadiyaIn Muslim meaning is : Guide to righteousnessGirl
HooriaAngel of HeavenGirl
HawaLonging, (kiswahili origin )Girl
HebaIn hawaiian meaning is : gift from GodGirl
HaseenaVariant Of Hasina: Beautiful, Pretty,Girl
HelenaSpiritual lightGirl
HajarIn Sindhi meaning is : Wife of Prophet Ibrahim (A,S),Girl
HooriyaIn Muslim meaning is : AngelGirl
Hana’Happiness, Bliss, Felicity,Girl
HaleemaVariant Of Halima: Gentle, Patient, Mild, Humane,Girl
HaifaSlender, Well-shapedGirl
HajraTo EmigrateGirl
HumaDaughter Of King Bahman And Mother Of DarabGirl
HusnaBeautiful, A Belle,Girl
HalimaGentle, Kind (Swahili origin )Girl
HeenaVariant Of Hina: Henna, Myrtle,Girl
HandeTurkish- A woman with a infectious smileGirl
HeerPower, richesGirl
HamnaPurple or black grape (a fruit - berry)Girl
HadiaGuide To RighteousnessGirl
HayaDecency, Shyness, ShameGirl
HinaFragrance (Khushboo), Myrtle, Powder Myrtle Leaves, MehndiGirl
HadiyaGuide to righteousnessGirl
HiraThe Name Of The Hill Where The Quran Was Revealed To The ProphetGirl
HaniaHappiness, Laughter, Joy and DelightGirl
HudaRight guidance, Correct Guidance, Guidance Towards GoodGirl
HumnaExtremely Discerning, Wise, Wisdom, IntelligenceGirl
HabibaBeloved, Sweetheart, Darling,Girl
HaramGentlewoman, Aristocrat, Countess, Empress, Lady, Noble WomanGirl
HibaGift”, especially a gift and blessing from GodGirl
HareemSanctuary, Sanctum, Walls of House of KabbaGirl
HafsaThe Name Of The Holy Prophet's WifeGirl
HumairaFrom the arabic name meaning reddish! Title name of Aisha RA one who -
HoorainBeatutiful Eyes, Fabulous Friend, Women Of ParadiseGirl
HaniyaA Place To Rest, To Be HappyGirl