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Kabbadi and village games in our region

Kabbadi is one of the famous sports of villages all around the subcontinent. Kabaddi gained the peak of its popularity when two arch-rivals Pakistan and India collided with each other. This sport has gone international during the last ten years. In other villages...

How Exercise Works Out Help Your Brain To Keep Your Memory Sharp

Exercise works out as a source of sharper memory and a healthy brain. Exercise helps the brain in the growth of new brain cells and reduces the decay of brain cells due to aging. Exercise improves your overall health and your sense of well-being. Exercise has a direct...

Sports are Important for Progress and Growth in The Modern Era

Sports play an important role in the progress of any nation and society. Nowadays sports are not merely physical activity but it also turned into a business industry. Sports and sports-related companies and brands earning huge profits recently. In this modern age,...

How Less Sleep and More Stress Make You Less Healthy

Your body needs a certain time of sleep which is a minimum of eight hours during twenty-four hours of the day. Sleeping well is necessary for the proper functioning of the metabolism of our body. When your sleep timing is disturbed, you feel the side-effects of bad...

How people can avoid drug addiction and smoking?

Drug addiction and smoking are connected. The teenage time is the most vulnerable period, most people who fell into drug addiction and smoking started at this tender age. There are various reasons why people start smoking or are inclined towards drugs. The most common...

“Wondering re-established the original hormone which one existed between a man and a universe”

Tourists are attracted to the mountains. Experience the beauty and history of mountains. There is must enjoy on mountains peak, valley, plateaus and rivers. Explore the Mountains like a crazy tourist. You must visit natural scenic world once in ur life.

It’s just an amazing. The fresh air and bright colors are extreme. The Beauty of Sunshine in between mountains is just fabulous. Mountains are covered with rug of trees with full of greenery, they looks so beautiful for human.
The beauty of its high peaks amazed a man. All natural scenes are feels good when we explore or visit the mountains area. PAKISTAN is the place for you towering mountains, vast undulating valleys are dotted with scores of serenely placid lakes and cress-cross by turbulent rivers, fast flowing streams and whispering brooks. Mountains living People always lives in cool and refreshing air.

Scenic World: ALLAH makes this world so beautiful. The beauty of nature can have profound effect upon our senses. These are the gateways from the outer world to the inner. To see the natural beauty feeling just amazement, for declare that they are beautiful. Nature is valuable because it is beautiful. In addition to the immediate experience of beauty based in perception,

all of these qualities of beauty seem to go beyond the mere impression of sensible forms that we started with, and what they require is what also served as the basis of truth and goodness in nature. It is an emotional and effective component in the beauty of the intellect just as there is immediate beauty perception. We all should know that mountain or natural beauty it expresses a thoughts which feels good for us, because all these have a power to attract our self.

Natural magnificence in its raw, unspoiled form and that includes the people inhabiting these regions, friendly and gently. Rainbow: A beauty of rainbow is just an amazing in between mountains area. The beautiful view of rainbow when it presence in the morning. The beauty is enhanced

Adventure Sport: Mountain climbing is fantastic Adventure in itself. It’s a more challenging, dangerous and requires more focus and conviction. Mountains climbing must have greater information about it. A climber should know all the involved risks.

Other than that Rock climbing doesn’t require many skills and can be done with some guide. It is advisable to speak to someone who can render first-hand experience of mountain climbing before planning to take up this adventure sport. I have tried rock climbing and the experience is just an awesome, because when u reaches your destination the view in front of your eyes is just un-describable.

Mountain Climbing Places: Margalla Hills, Dunga Gali-Ayubia, Deosai National Park, Passu to Lake Borit
Ice Skating: Skating became popular as a recreation, means of transport and spectator sports.

Skating is a sport in which individuals, ice dance, pairs, or synchronized on figure skates on ice. Major competitions generally arrange exhibition galas. Skating is also an amazing sport in the edges of mountains.

Ice Skating Places: Arena and Westeros Dhaba is Karachi, Safa Gold Mall in Islamabad
Winter Mountain Hiker: Winter mountain hikers need to do plenty of advanced planning, taking every precaution before hitting a trail in winter months. With the use of new and formidable technology like WINDY.APP, information from national weather service, close attention to the natural environment, hazards relating to hiking can be minimized.

Fishing at River Side: Northern land of Pakistan offers excellent trout fishing from May to September. North Mountain Stream offers wonderful opportunity for fishing. Some of the areas are Kaalam valley, Naran valley, Gilgit And Skardu. These are the ideal fishing points you must try.

Mountain People Culture: They are very soft spoken, very welcoming and hospitable, peaceful with different traditional languages.

They are straightforward in nature and also brave. Their traditions are very unique. People live under their own ancestral traditional lifestyles and center of attraction for entire world.
Equipments for adventure: Such as Mountaineer climbing boots, jogger, climbing pack, Rope, Rain Jackets, hats, sunglasses, water bottle, light weight backpacking tents, medicine kit and wifi device

Essential things to remember:
• Remember that weather can change
• Bring all necessaries
• You must know your Rout description
• Always bring GPS Device with you
• When you are in an unfamiliar area u must use map
• Make sure to shield yourself from sun with (sun blocks) and snow with (Moisturizing )

Must Try these Things:
• Try to explore the natural beauty in the mountains
• Must see Natural Attractions
• Must try mountains climbing, fishing, skating,
• Must Try Chair lifts for more enhancing your joy
• Try fishing on river Sides